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Hair Clipper

Hair clipper is a hand-held tool used to cut hair in various styles. The hair clipper was invented by Henry M. Leland in the 19th century and has since evolved into different types and designs. The two major types of hair clipper are manual and electric, with the latter being further subdivided into cordless, corded or with rechargeable batteries.

Hair clipper is often sold in sets, with various attachments that correspond to different hair styles. Some hair clipper sets are also sold with vacuum accessories to reduce the mess created by stray bits of hair. To enable consumers to maximise the use of their hair clipper, most hair manufacturers also design and package their products with hair clipper attachments that can be adjusted to trip ear and nose hair.

A hair clipper is a good investment for those who prefer to cut or shave off their own hair, instead of making constant trips to the barbershop. Hair clipper sets can be bought in gadgets and electronics shops, beauty stores and supermarkets, with prices that vary according to the attachments included.

Manual vs. electric hair clipper

The manual hair clipper was often used to shave the heads of men in boot camps and in the military in early 20th century. This tradition is still being practiced in the US, but with the use of an electric hair clipper. Even today, a lot of men choose to shave their heads because of its hassle-free and easy-to-maintain style. Head shaving using manual clippers also became a form of punishment for prostitutes and teddyboys in Greece in the 50's and 60's.

The use of manual hair clipper has declined since the electric hair clipper was introduced. Most hair clipper users (i.e., barbers, hairstylists, and men) have opted for electric hair clippers, which are usually made with ergonomic grips, because of the convenient and easy use as compared to manual hair clippers. India is one of the very few countries where a manual clipper is still extensively used to give short hair cuts in barbershops.

Care and maintenance

For your hair clipper to continue functioning properly, it's important to ensure that they're cleaned after every use. The most common cause of hair clipper malfunction is the clogging and building up of cut hair bits, which damage the blades and prevent them from running properly. It's also recommended to lubricate the hair clipper blades every now and then or according to the manufacturer's instructions in the device manual.